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We help you pay all your monthly creditors payments in one affordable monthly instalment.


You will be working with best Debt Relief company that shall eliminate your interest rates and provide you with easier repayment options in reducing your stress.


By reducing & settling your debt, you can improve your credit scores, Better credit scores shall help you regain improved terms and availability on future loans, insurances discounts and other such credit offers.


We wisely plan and prepare cost effective measures in affordable instalments for you so that you pay down your Debt easily. Your stress and burden gets reduced by getting rid of call from lenders.

Cut Expenses

We help you easily repay through Budget Management services. Budgeted expenses can help you for future savings and investments assets that would improve your financial health and status further.

Swell your Income

By reducing your Debt by up to 80%, we help you in boosting your income which helps you saving more for future. Furthermore, these savings helps you to invest in assets and swell your income.

UPTO 80%

Debt Reduction

About us - Canadian Debt Relief

About Us

We understand how stressful it gets when you are dipped deep in debts and start gaining the burden on how to repay it back. We the Canadian Debt Relief Company with an experience of over 10 years provide the best and qualitative debt relief solutions. Our extreme experienced team of professionals understand the fears incurred by the increasing amount of debts that each individual faces when it is not being repaid in due time. The financial difficulty that gets created due to such a situation of that individual’s life. At Canadian Debt Relief we understanding the depth of your requirement and make sure that we give you the best range of possible options. We assist you in making the right choices so that you can start living with a refreshed set of mind and save for future.

Debt Relief

Excellent debt advising service. I recommend their services for gaining a better understanding of your finances and banking accounts, debt management, and loan use in order to establish a solid credit score.

Robert Jonson

I have been using Canadian-debt.relief’s services for over a year now and I am a happy customer. I get the honest truth about my credit and great advice to help me build a good credit score. 


Canadian-debtrelief has been very understanding and great to work with. They provided me with all the things I needed to know to get a good credit score and power through on all my debts. I couldn’t recommend a better debt advisor. 


I’ve been facing some pretty serious financial issues, and finally built up the courage to get some help from a debt advisor. Thankfully, I found Canadian-debt.relief and their assistance has helped me get a full grasp of my financial situation and get clarity on where to go further from here.


By using Canadian-debt.relief’s services, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m about to get a fresh new start. They have a great staff and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of help or guidance with dealing with personal or business debt.